Trysil-Knut Hotell er basen for cateringvirksomheten til Sjumilskogen
We deliver catering from our kitchen at Trysil-Knut Hotell. Please see the menues below and the codes to be used in the order form 



  • The prices are based on a minimum number of people of 10 per menu. A1 and A2 minimum 20 people.
  • The prices are in NOK (kr) and includes 10% VAT
  • For deliveries there must be an executable road at least 20 meters from the delivery point
  • After delivery we will bring back emty styrofoam boxes to the hotel immediately.
    Alternatively the boxes can be delivered to Trysil-Knut Hotell by the customer, but not later than 2 days after delivery.

Delivery fee

  • On the soutern side of Trysilfjellet (Trysil mountain) and Trysil Village, kr 200,-
  • On the northern side of Trysilfjellet (Fageråsen/Trysil Høyfjellssenter), kr 250,-
  • Other places: According to agreement
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