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Trysil – “Natures theme park” – Summer and Winter

Trysil is really about to become a full-year destination. Regarding the development of the ski resort and the cabin areas the timing was right. Now it seems that the large development of the cycling tracs in Gullia, Magic Moose etc. and the climbing park,  also have the right timing. Trysil Golf has seen a sharp increase in revenue. There has never been more summer tourists to Trysil than in 2016, and the demand for cabin sites has exploded.

But Trysil has much more to offer: Hiking, fishing, dog sledding, horse riding, rafting, canyoning, canoeing and other activities under the direction of TrysilGuidene. Almost every weekend from mid June to August, there are events of some kind. These include: "Trysilrypa", "Trysilrittet", "Topprittet", "The moose festival", mountain marathon, "Trysilsmellen" and others.  

On the southern side of the Trysil mountain (Trysilfjellet) Sjumilskogen's rental units are perfectly located both for summer and winter activities.
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