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 About us


Sjumilskogen Trysil Turistsenter
It started with the Sjumilskogen yard at Trysil Turistsenter …
Sjumilskogen AS was founded in 1991 in order to build, run and rent out large cabins at Trysilfjellet. In 1992 the first large cabin, “Gamleskogen”, was erected on the yard named “Sjumilskogen” at Trysil Turistsenter. Shortly afterwards came “Vesleskogen”, “Høydehuset” and some apartments. At present there are about 200 beds at Sjumilskogen. After the Sjumilskogen yard the company Sjumilskogen AS built several large cabins at the southern side of Trysilfjellet. Each of these cabins can accommodate 20-30 people. We also rent out similar cabins owned by others. In addition we also cater food mainly to the units we control. From 1995-2005 our reception was at “Høydehuset”. In 2005 we started to run Trysil-Knut Hotell. Since then Sjumilskogen has had common reception with Trysil-Knut Hotell (address: Vestsidevegen 4, 2420 TRYSIL). In 2005 Sjumilskogen AS bought “Femundtunet” in Engerdal and some years late “Femundsvika” as well (see below). Rolf Mobæk is the manager of the company Sjumilskogen AS.

Trysil-Knut Hotell 

Trysil-Knut Hotell, Vestsidevegen 4, 2420 TRYSIL
Sjumilskogen AS started to run Trysil-Knut Hotell in 2004. Shortly afterwards most of the hotel was renovated. In 2012 the 2. floor was converted to apartments. Trysil Skimuseum was located at the hotel from 2008-2016. In October 2016 the museum was moved to “Gammelskula” a building in the middle of Trysil village.


Femundtunet - hotell, hytter, leiligheter og campingplass ved Femunden i Engerdal
In 2004 Sjumilskogen AS bought and started to run Femundtunet in Engerdal. At Femundtunet there are 10 hotel rooms, 14 apartments, small and large cabins (in total 150 beds) and a campingsite. In 2013 we also aquired the neighbouring campingsite Femundsvika. Today we run both places as one unit. The reception is at Femundtunet. The location at the southern shore of lake Femunden is fantastic.
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